Max started as an apprentice in the mid 80's with Charlie Moore, at 'Classic Tattoos' in California. In the early 90's he moved on to 'Tattoo Land' in Anaheim, California. He worked with both Jack Rudy and Creeper Espenosa. During his time with Tattoo Land, he also got to work with other artists like Paul Booth, Little Mick from Australia and Cory Miller.

Max felt it was time to do his own thing, and opened up the 'Flying Tiger' in Orange County. He ran the studio for five years before selling it, while staying on doing occasional work for another year. He then decided to go to Norway, working in Drammen and Lillestrøm for a couple of years. In 2002 Max opened 'Uncle Max Tattoo' in Strøget in the center of Oslo, and then in 2015 he opened a shop in Alta.